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NFT Races!
What is Hive Racers?
Players will be able to purchase a Hive Racer car that all start off as stock with the same speed and attributes. Players will have the option to upgrade their cars through the purchase of additional NFT parts. This will also include fully pimping out your ride with custom paint jobs and decals. Providing each player  to create  their own rare NFT Race car.
Players will also be able to create any NFT to race in Hive Racers, so show your creative side and throw us your best racer!
Players will have the opportunity to race their cars against other players for prizes including native tokens of other blockchains. Upgrading your car will increase its attributes and odds of winning the race. with plans to create an escrow account. The escrow account will provide players the opportunity to 1v1 for a locked asset or even a car. The escrow will also be expanded to include team battles with the winning team splitting the item in escrow. 

Fire Starter

Fire Starter 7

After Burner

After Burner 29

Thunder Striker

Thunder Striker 46
Hive Racers is owned and operated by Skip-pie PTY LTD with a governance token to be launched that will enable participants to set rewards and submit proposals
Next Generation NFTs
Hive Racers will be launching on Hive Blockchain and provide one of the first ever NFT utilisations
NFT mints
Each Hive Racer will be tradeable on the Hive Blockchain and participants will be able to create their own racers
NFT sale starts in: