How to set up MetaMask and add Skippie to your wallet to prepare for Initial Meme Offering

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How to set up MetaMask and add Skippie to your wallet to prepare for Initial Meme Offering: Good morning Lions I trust you are safe and well and enjoying the fun we’re having with SKIPPIE and thank you to everyone who has jumped on board and been supportive of the project. We’re still building this plane in the air but I am confident in having a fully established 747 carrying its weight.

I have had a few people ask how to get involved so I am throwing together a quick How to set up MetaMask and add Skippie to your wallet to prepare for Initial Meme Offering

Download MetaMask

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First step is to down load metamask either as a web extension or dapp on your phone. If you’re on your PC you can access the web browser extention here

Now you need to create an account and it will give you a seed phrase this seed phrase is the most important thing in your life now. write it down store it and do not lose it. Without it you will never be able to access metamask if you need to reinstall the dapp or web browser.

If you’re on a PC it will also ask you to add MetaMask web extension accept it and now it will live in that little jigsaw in the top right corner of chrome browser.

Adding BSC For Mobile

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For mobile devices you will need to click on the lines in the top left of the screen and go to settings then click Networks and then it will open a list of networks. Once there click on Add network which should be the blue button.


You will then be presented with the option to add a new RPC network in the fields populate the relevant sections with the below information.

Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

Then press save and exit this stage back to the home screen.

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You may need to click on the word Wallet and select binance smart chain and close it and you’re now on the mobile dapp Binance Smart Chain.

For desktop

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Same kind of set up but a little easier just click that section I have circled in red it may be reading Ethereum network go to custom RPC and then populate the relevant fields with the same information provided in the previous step. Click Save go back to the previous screen and if it hasn’t already changed over click that section again and switch to Binance Smart Chain.



On web Browser go to assets and click on Import Token

On MetaMask mobile up scroll to the bottom of your wallet and click on Import token.

In the token address section copy and paste this exact code into it. Please make sure it is the right code or you run the risk of importing the wrong token and SKIPPIE wont show up.


Once it is in there click out of the box and the system should populate the rest if not the token symbol is SKP and Token Decimal 9.

Click on add custom token accept and booooom you can now see SKIPPIE in your metamask wallet.

Do keep in mind you will need BNB Smart Chain token the Bep20 version to undertake trades as this is what the network charges for fees. They are only around $0.60c Australian. If you buy BNB and send it here make sure it is the BEP20 Smart Chain Version or it will get stuck.

I hope you have found this tutorial useful it can be used to show people how to add Binance Smart Chain to their MetaMask wallet. Don’t forget to upvote and reblog. Have a wonderful day!

Images Sourced from screen shots of metamask app and web browser extension. This is not financial advice and readers are urged to undertake their own research or seek professional financial services

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