White Paper

SKIPPIE Business Plan/White Paper

A block chain based digital meme art token with the potential to grow


Australian Company Number 655 120 773

Contract Address: 0x6F6E2DA8DB407B17d06FB4530fd1e42824fA881C

Our market opportunity

Block Chain businesses are a new and emerging industry with limited regulation and safeguards in place and as a result the sector is becoming overrun by deceptive behaviour and scams that result in billions of dollars of stolen assets. Furthermore, with many nations still developing a position on Block Chain businesses Australia legalised Bitcoin in 2013 and has further advanced legislation which enables Australians to buy, sell and trade crypto providing an international advantage in the growing technology sector.

The problem A market problem that customers face.Increasing amount of block chain businesses launching without adequate consumer protection, lack of business experience and scams resulting in billions of dollars’ worth of stolen assets a year.  
Our solution How we solve this problem for our customers.We will solve this by establishing a PTY LTD company that meets regulatory requirements and provide a safe and trusted business in the block chain industry.  

Our target market

The customers we aim to sell toThe block chain technology sector is a global market with a total market value of $US2.9 trillion dollars (as of writing) with the Australian Government predicting that block chain technology is predicted to generate an annual business value of over $US175 billion by 2025. With a lack of compliant businesses in the sector we plan on targeting customers involved in block chain technology seeking safe and trusted businesses that are bound by legal obligations.

Our channels

Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Hive, Leo Finance

We reach our customers through:☒ email ☐ mail ☐ market stalls ☒ paid advertising ☐ phone ☐ shopfront ☒ social media ☒ website/online ☐ other (describe if selected)
Customers can contact us through:☒ email ☐ phone ☐ shopfront ☒ social media ☒ website                                                                             ☐ other (describe if selected)

Our competition

Competitor nameShiba Inu Token
What they do wellA decentralised Meme token which is being utilised to support COVID relief in India and providing relief to Shiba Inu dogs through Amazon Smile. The project has since morphed into it’s own art and swap token features and moved into the financial services realm. The token is unregulated and non-compliant with regulations which pose a risk to investors.
What we do differentlySkippie is in its infancy stage and will launch purely as a meme token that will provide support to rehabilitate Australian countryside that has been impacted by the 2019-2020 Bushfires which saw over 3 billion animals killed. Skippie is registered as a company with ASIC trading as Skip-pie providing security to purchasers that the business won’t be “rugged” Pending the success of the token the company will conduct a review and assessment on regulations and explore avenues to develop a NFT marketplace for decentralised and mainstream artists in a safe and trust worth environment. Explore options to include an exchange which will also enable fiat withdraws and the possibility of establishing the first DAO once Australian laws are updated to include DAOs.
Competitor nameDogecoin
What they do wellDogecoin is a meme token that also provides open-source peer-to-peer digital currency based on the popular Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu and utilise a popular meme of the Shiba Inu dog as their logo. Dogecoin attempts to be the friendly currency of the internet.
What we do differentlySkippie has no plans on becoming an internet currency or host their own block chain. Where Dogecoin is based on an internet meme we are utilising the Australian Kangaroo as our meme logo

Our finances for the year ahead

As the project is a new venture there are significant legal costs involved to ensure compliance with regulations and we expect this to make up the brunt of costs on our project. Furthermore, the procurement of a marketing team, developer team to construct our website and an audit of our code.

Expected sources of revenueThe company plans on hosting an initial meme offering to raise funds to cover the costs of development and legal advice.
Expected expensesCosts are in Australian Dollars per year unless stated otherwise based on 2021 wages and are subject to annual inflation and are based on full time excluding superannuation which require an additional 10%. Senior Project Manager: $123,514 Project Officer $86,717 2x Senior Block Chain Developers: $120,000 per Dev Senior Marketing Manager: $107,561 2x Admin Role: $67,762 per admin staff Director Wage: $156469 Allocation to legal advice, support, and compliance $250,000 (costs likely to reduce once company established). IT equipment and initial start up costs: $130,000 Office rent + outgoings and COVID Safety requirements: $95,000  


Since Bitcoins introduction in 2009 Block Chain technology has continued to expand and develop various new age technology industries. New iterations have seen decentralised financial systems flood networks and provide economic opportunities for new enterprises in finance, art, content creation, blogging and non-fungible tokens. A recent fad taking the block chain industry by storm are meme tokens.

The most famous meme token within the block chain industry is Dodge Coin and Shiba Inu which hold no real-world application or purpose. Dogecoin’s token depicts an image of a Shiba Inu dog that once was share on mainstream social media sites. The token continues to grow in popularity attracting the attention of many purchases that wish to add the token to their collection.

Shiba Inu has a similar establishment commencing its early adoption purely as a meme token but has since morphed into its own swap and art sales project.

In many countries around the world trading digital assets and/or engaging in block chain activities is considered illegal and can warrant significant fines. Australia is a unique country which legalised the trade, sale and purchase of digital assets and has continued to lead the world in investing in the emerging technology.

With that in mind the project team at SKIP-PIE have decided to trial the development and implementation of the first Australian meme coin called SKIP-PIE.

Token Image

Kangaroos are one of the most well-known Australian animals a unique powerhouse which gets around hopping about on its hind legs. Giving birth to their young offspring called Joeys They continue to care for their young in their pouch. We believe that Kangaroos best represent Australia as they are a strong breed that live in mobs and care for each other, united.

Art also depicted on the token image is of Indigenous design recognising 60,000+ years of Indigenous history, culture, and values (designed by an Indigenous Australian). There are no greater iconic colours that depict Australia than the famous Green and Gold which are often worn at sporting events and the Olympics. For this purpose, Green and Gold is depicted on the token.

The image has been designed with a meme at its focus moving away from corporate centralised beliefs of value and standards SKIP-PIE pokes fun of how centralised and multinational corporations continue to profit off people without provided sufficient support creating an industry of wealth that is unattainable to many.

Business Plan

Phase One

SKIPPIE will be starting off its life as a young Joey with a basic plan to be the best and most sort after meme token in the world on the Binance Smart Chain. The meme will have reflective capabilities of 6% with 3% going to automatic liquidity and another 3% to the project team to fund business operations and provide financial support to bush fire recovery. It was proposed to have an additional 1% that would reflect to people holding the meme to provide them with more memes, but current regulations may deem this as an investment security so to avoid compliance issues the 1% token reflection has been removed.

Phase Two

Upon successful Initial Token Offering SKIPPIE team will commence legal review and audit and transition to utilise the token in its own ecosystem involving block chain games and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The website will be upgraded to enable minting of NFTs and facilitation of sale of digital art utilising the SKIPPIE token. Further research will be undertaken to develop a suite of block chain games which will utilise the SKIPPIE token. At this point reflection will be taken off as the business plans on generating profit through sales of games and artwork commission.

Phase Three

A recent Australian senate committee provided a list of recommendations to advance block chain technology, it is anticipated that a key legislation that prevents some aspects of block chain technology and organisational structures will alter. At this stage SKIPPIE will assess the new regulations and if possible, establish an exchange enabling crypto to fiat withdraw in any national currency.

Phase Four

El Salvador recently legalised Bitcoin and developed their own international remittance project called Chivo. However, the project has come under significant scrutiny recently as media reports allege that the nations president’s brother was the developer. Many financial and economic leaders have continued to express concern over the nations venture.

Furthermore, International remittance companies have continued to suffer financial losses to Bitcoin and other alternative coins which have provided a faster, cheaper and more secure way to transfer money across the globe.

This provides an opportunity for a trusted and reputable Block Chain Company to implement an International Remittance scheme utilising block chain technology and one SKIPPIE will be exploring if possible and legal.


The current circulating supply is set to 400 million tokens noting that the contract has the ability to burn and mint new tokens. There will be no increase to token supply in the Meme stage however, if the token is successful and the business is to move onto Phase Two a review will be undertaken to investigate if the business model can sustain the token supply. Should the project require increased token supply than distribution will be undertaken in a fair and justifiable manner only with community support.

20% of the supply will be retained by the project team to support development, marketing, and ongoing business support.

Community Reception

An initial Over the counter sale was launched on 6 November 2021 to gauge public interest with limited communication and promotion the project raised $AUD6000 in a several hours resulting in the cessation of OtC sales pending an in-depth financial value review. The company has received a number of complaints from people wishing to participate during the call out and had made contact. The company is working with individuals effected and following up with them.


Please be aware that you are purchasing a meme token depicting an Australian icon set on iconic colours and indigenous art. This art is not intended to be a financial service and purchasers are advised against such activity. Furthermore, there is no expectation that the meme token will increase in value and any price volatility is the responsibility of the purchaser. Caution is to be used when buying SKIPPE meme tokens.